Transport Maro Avto d.o.o.
Ulica bratov Turjakov 7
2327 Rače

Telephone: + 386 2 608 0690
Fax: + 386 2 608 0692
GSM: + 386 31 346 013

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Company's headquarters:Ulica bratov Turjakov 7, 2327 Rače
Tax number:52365603
ID number for DDv:SI52365603
Register number:2258641
Register entry number:107-03-0257/2007
Entered at local court in Maribor; entry number: 1/13211/00
IBAN:SI56041730001315320 NKBM
Telephone:+ 386 2 608 0690
Fax:+ 386 2 608 0692
GSM:+ 386 31 346 013

History of the company Maro Avto

The company MARO AVTO has been established by Marijan Napast back in the year of 1986. Later in the year 2004 he had it transferred to his son Robert Napast. The company's headquarters can be found on the old address in Rače, where it's services are being executed. In the year 2004 Robert's brother Uroš also started working for the company, but the company's fast progress made him to register his own company TRANSPORT MARO AVTO d.o.o. in the year 2007. These two companies now cooperate and complement each other's services and so take good care for customer's as well as employee's satisfaction.

Because of high specialization, we are able to provide our consumers with great quality, reliability and accurateness on areas of logistics and auto-mechanical services. Our professional expertise is a results of investments in logistics and workshop technology and also in employee education. These expertise include skills, professional education, knowledge of technics, methods and technology. MARO AVTO is also specialized in carrier's business services. We organize logistical processes, transport arrangement and other services in this range. Modern world demands quality, speed, accurateness and reliability and this is what MARO AVTO can provide.


Our vision is to organize and execute fast and quality transport and logistics services and so become a key part of quality, reliable and responsive system of external logistics management for medium and small companies which are oriented to home and foreign markets.

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